In an exclusive interaction with BW Healthcareworld, Dr Priyanka Goyat, Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopedic Surgeon/Cosmetologist & Founder REJOVÉ Clinique, speaks about the firm and more.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has helped us to become more conscious on our immune system and functioning of our internal organs but oral and skin health are not to be avoided amidst other health issues. But what makes it even more convenient is, when both the dental and skin related concerns can be addressed at one place.

BW Healthcare world recently spoke to Dr Priyanka Goyat, Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of REJOVÉ Clinique to understand how the clinic focusses and resolves issues related to oral health and skincare. Excerpts:

How has your journey been as a woman entrepreneur in the healthcare sector amidst the pandemic?

It was a challenging yet a transformative experience. The pandemic hit every business, beyond gender and socio-economic strata and we were no different. However, as we had started our journey with a primary and strategic focus on the global markets and a majority of our patient base being international, the shutdown hit us drastically with our revenues plummeting down to almost nil.

Operating with a chain of clinics, it became our principal challenge to sustain our infrastructure and operations since there was no support from the government as well as the landlords. To add to the woes, the entire crisis further deepened with gender bias cropping up, making it difficult to negotiate sustainable terms. We were left with no other choice but to temporarily shut all our five centres. As if this wasn’t enough, by end of the first phase of the pandemic, we had closed down two centres permanently and were forced to relocate our flagship centre while barely sustaining our other two centres.

While battling all this, another huge test was to remain motivated and not lose focus. We continuously supported our team through our own pockets while constantly adjusting and battling uncertainty that came along. We had recently started concentrating on the domestic clientele too and will continue to work with an objective to provide international level treatment to all.

What is the USP of Rejove Clinics amidst the mushrooming healthcare startups?

We bring an amalgamation of Dental + Skin + Hair treatments under one roof. Bringing the concept of ‘Digital Dentistry’ to our consumers, we have all our treatments performed through best-in-class technology and state-of-the art infrastructure inculcated in our clinics. Keeping a thorough focus on quality, we have an in-house production/product line of Dental Aligners – Rejove Aligners and an orthodontist guided product line that make us stand apart. We hope to be recognised for quality treatments across the country while holding firmly to our moral beliefs and philosophies.

Do you think technology has revolutionised the healthcare industry, how effective is it for your field?

Technology has been a game changer and has contributed immensely to the evolving healthcare landscape. It has enhanced accessibility and affordability of dental, skin and medical care. I am a firm believer that technology is and will continue to have significant impact on the way we provide dental-skin-hair care and how patients adopt it. At Rejove we thrive on technology. We have consciously invested in the most optimal technology & equipment starting from use of CAD-CAM, 3D Scanners and use of various software that facilitate advanced treatment planning using AI for an improved treatment outcome.

Is Rejove bootstrapped or a funded company, what are your future growth plans?

Recovering from the life altering COVID-19 aftermath, we have found a suitable international investor who believes in the Rejove story and our work that we are capable of delivering. To begin with, we have been assured an initial investment of Rs 3 crore in the first phase with more outlay under consideration as we progress.

How do you see the future of healthcare tourism in India and do you feel clinics like yours will play a big role in this space?

Healthcare tourism in the country is slated to transform and assume even greater heights both in the domestic as well as the international market. However, keeping in tune with the times I foresee a hybrid model to evolve wherein clinics like ours will play a key role in enhancing healthcare outreach. The model would involve providing opportunities for patients to come into treatment centres or reach out to patients at their location for relevant treatments 

What are your plans for making healthcare affordable to the masses?

I strongly believe that unless one is completely aware about the benefits and the need for an action, they will not adapt it. The same applies to healthcare and there is a pertinent need to make people aware about its significance and we at Rejove would always focus in that direction. Marching ahead in our mission in the coming times in line with the three-year theme (2021-2023) unveiled by the World Dental Federation of ‘Be proud of your mouth’, we will make the masses take this up in a more serious manner. And to achieve this goal, dissemination of accurate information and creating awareness of available treatment options is the first step. We plan to organize medical awareness camps in rural areas. We are also looking at tie-ups with rural healthcare centres to reach out to a larger audience. We will also continue our endeavours to invest in technology and equipments to bring down cost of treatments without compromising on quality. Further, our focus will be on introducing hybrid treatment plans, including mobile treatment options, for making healthcare reach to the masses without burning a hole in their pockets.